Feeling safe.

A Bridge

Connection is at the same time a tangible and an intangible thing. For instance, we can go from one town to another thanks to roads and highways. Or we can be aware of what is happening in any part of the world thanks to news broadcasting. Also, we can think thanks to our brain neurons’ synapse. And certainly, we can provide comfort to the people we love thanks to what we feel towards them.

One of the most visible proof of the active connection that we all are living in is the internet. This connection has made it diffuse the separation between the here and the there. Also, the internet has disrupted into the belief that people don’t need to be together to be close. That’s why the World Wide Web works not only to name the internet information system, but also as a symbol that represents real electronic devices connections.

Those electronic devices connected are not only gateways to help people to access information. Additionally, different types of services and commodities can be provided to make human life easier thanks to the internet.

Although this modern connected life has brought benefits, there have been quite challenges in many different business areas. Experts have needed to solve issues in terms of what is allowed to be accessed and for whom. In other words, this is a simple way to explain why or how cybersecurity was born.

The meaning of the word cybersecurity may look complicated to some people. It can be difficult to understand when it’s primarily thought to prevent threats or attacks. Not to mention how intimidating it can be if a business has to deal by itself with the big bunch of control regulations intended to protect information and devices.

Essentially, cybersecurity’s goals are to ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability, preventing risk on both physical (devices) and logical (information) levels.

Nowadays, the prevention task is mostly performed by following cybersecurity control regulations that came up after past experiences which made real the fear that any information system can be attacked. That’s why even though the past can’t be changed, looking at it helps to focus on what can be improved.

Here at SideChannel, we do our work with the commitment to achieve those cybersecurity’s goals on each of our clients with a plus: we talk about cybersecurity with simplicity (without compromising effectiveness in doing it.)

SideChannel wants to help businesses and organizations improve their efficiency, by providing cybersecurity services that will be focused in a better future to reinforce brand’s protection, trust and belonging.

~ Ana Wessolossky, SideChannel Operations Director