Cybersecurity for
the Energy Sector

Critical energy infrastructure depends on effective cybersecurity. An increasing network of connected power plants, homes, businesses and other institutions make the energy sector a prime target for cyber attacks. We leverage deep expertise to deliver tailored cybersecurity services that help safeguard our nation’s most critical energy infrastructure.

Protecting those who
keep the nation running

As the energy sector has embraced digitalization, the risk of a cyber attack has only increased. With so many citizens relying on the services of energy companies, cybersecurity has never been more urgent. At SideChannel, we help protect the nation’s leading energy companies with advanced, highly tailored cybersecurity processes built for real-word challenges. We understand the unique threats the energy sector faces because we’ve been there before. With our unique approach, deep expertise, and innovative technology, energy and utility companies can build a more proactive cyber defense and keep our nation running.

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What We Do

We have years of experience supporting institutions across the energy sector tackle the growing threat of a cyber attack. Our highly experienced CISOs will work with your specialized team to create a customized and comprehensive security strategy to ensure that your organization protects sensitive data without eating up budget. From assessing cyber risk to training the entire team, all we do is think about cybersecurity so that your team doesn’t have to.

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How the Energy
Sector Benefits

Our proven cybersecurity services deliver tangible benefits for our energy clients, so your organization can:

Navigate complex and rapidly changing regulatory standards.
Gain real-time visibility into your security posture.
Protect sensitive infrastructure data without disrupting the energy flow.
Reduce security costs through planning and management.
Build a proactive defense that prevents breaches before they happen.
Enhance your team’s overall cybersecurity awareness.

Build a Resilient
Cyber Defense

As the world becomes more connected, our critical infrastructure becomes more vulnerable. Fortunately, our cybersecurity can evolve as threats do. Find out why the energy sector turns to SideChannel when there’s no room for mistakes.