Cybersecurity for Research Institutes

Cybersecurity is paramount for research institutions that need to be able to securely host critical information and seamlessly connect to virtual systems. Our team supports a variety of research institutes by helping leaders develop robust cybersecurity strategies that protect data and free up time to focus on changing the future. Find out how we can help your institution enhance security posture.

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Our research institutions are shaping the future for the better. Researchers, students, and faculty are increasingly turning to digital formats to communicate and collaborate. Infrastructure is now increasingly online. What’s more, research institutes hold a myriad of sensitive IP and other information that must remain confidential. To continue to advance their mission, institutes must take cybersecurity seriously. At SideChannel, we have demonstrated experience working with top research institutes. We’ll work with your organization to identify your unique challenges and build an actionable strategy that produces measurable results. Improve security, change the future.

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What We Do

Essential research depends on strong security. Our comprehensive services empower your team to spend more time on what matters most: making a difference. Explore our services to find out how we can support your organization’s mission.

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How Research
Institutes Benefit

Our cybersecurity services ensure your organization has the foundation in place to move forward confidently with research, enabling your organization to:

Maintain federal compliance with changing regulations.
Protect your IP and sensitive research data from cybercriminals.
Improve productivity and collaboration.
Reduce security costs by optimizing your current technologies.
Build a proactive defense that prevents breaches.
Receive expert, ongoing advice from a SideChannel vCISO.

Research with Confidence

Your institution has the power to shape the future. We want to support you. Contact our team to get a Risk Assessment and discover how we can build a purposeful cyber defense together.