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Perfect For:

People who want to jump right in

  • Easily Manage Access to Your Devices
  • Simplify Your Network
  • Protect Shared Resources
  • 1 Console Users
  • 3 Max Agents (Nodes or Users)
  • 1 Enclave
  • 1 Beacon†
  • 7-Day Log Retention
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Perfect For:

Organizations with multiple teams or resources that have separate users

Everything in Pro, Plus

  • Extended Log Retention
  • OpenID Connect with IAMS
  • 5 Console Users
  • 3 Beacons
  • 3 Custom Roles
  • 30-Day Log Retention
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Perfect For:

Larger organizations controlling many resources or with many different users

Everything in Team, Plus

  • Unlimited Customizations
  • Unlimited Console Users
  • Unlimited Beacons
  • Unlimited Custom Roles
  • OpenID Connect with SSO
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Larger Enterprises?

Contact our team. We’ll discuss your needs and develop a custom package.

Enclave Managed Service?

Enclave microsegmentation is also available as a managed service. Contact us below for more information.

Simpler Segmentation = Real ROI

How much time and effort could you save with Enclave?

Enclave Tier

What level of Enclave do you expect to need?

Number of Agents

How many users and network devices do you need to manage?

Network Admin Average Annual Salary Base

This helps us estimate how valuable their time saved is.

Savings Per Month

We’ll assume one hour of work per week for every 10 end users/agents managed.



Enclave Cost

Based on your selected tier and number of users/agents, Enclave should cost this much a month.

Total ROI/Month

You could have a simpler, more secure network AND save this much a month with Enclave.