Ana Wessolossky

Operations Director

Ana is a bilingual professional with more than 25 years of experience. She graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela where she completed a Bachelor in Computer Science. She has worked in different business areas driven by her ability and enthusiasm to create, combined with a high level of curiosity. From being a scientific programmer at INTEVEP, the Research Institute of PDVSA (Venezuelan main oil company), to then transitioning as Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager for a variety of brands and organizations. After moving to the USA, she expanded her expertise in project managing as the World Language Coordinator in Victory Production. Before joining SideChannel, she completed the coach training to be awarded by the International Coaching Community. Her role as Operations Director at SideChannel is to make sure team members’ work –together with partner vendors’ support– gets well integrated to provide a high-quality service to clients and organizations. She also coordinates the Marketing team on the SideChannel educational goal-driven on cybersecurity.

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