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Bill Roberts

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Finding an experienced CISO is a challenge in the Boston area; carrying the weight of one on your organization’s payroll can be even harder. With years of experience as actual CISOs in public and private sectors, we have the expertise to address your organization’s stakeholders needs with absolute confidence. With your organization, your board, your stakeholders, and management team, we will develop the strategic vision, resources, and protocols to maintain an appropriately sized, measured, and effective security program. Let us be your organization’s virtual CISO.

What We Offer

Our methodology is simple and effective

We understand your current profile – threats, assets, strengths, weaknesses, partners, regulatory obligations and investments through our own research of proprietary data sources and talking to you/your teams.

We measure your controls and relative operational and program effectiveness, through scenario analysis and walkthroughs – building a full understanding of where you are and where you need to get.​

We provide a plan to bring you to your target profile and help you execute. This may include:

  • Program, policy, procedure documentation
  • Strategy development
  • Procurement and vendor negotiation
  • Identification, implementation and management of tools and managed services providers
  • Oversight of team and program activities
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Meet Your Organization’s Boston Virtual CISO

Our expert vCISOs have the firsthand experience needed to help you build a stronger and more robust cyber defense.

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