SideChannel Begin

Building a strong foundation

SideChannel Begin Includes

We work with your team to develop an actionable strategy, maximize investments and create processes that help your organization maintain an effective and lasting security program.

We establish a compliance framework for your IT department that includes processes and methodologies to identify, manage and secure the adoption and usage of SaaS solutions across your organization.

We provide organizations with the latest in global cyber attack tactics and techniques, emerging trends, with actionable intelligence to improve your security posture and prevent a breach.

We evaluate your system and team’s preparedness to withstand a cyberattack through our penetrating testing services. With a team of experienced pen testers, we engage in modern cyberattaking tactics and simulate a real-life threat to test your defense tools and strategies.

Complete Delivery

SideChannel Begin is built to get your cybersecurity protocols and systems up and running quickly, efficiently, and easily. Perfect for organizations that need a simple way to protect themselves in the modern technological landscape compliantly.

Unsure where to start?

Get your cybersecurity protocols and systems up and running quickly with SideChannel Begin.

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