Enhance Privacy

Enhancing privacy requires a comprehensive and proactive approach that involves technical, operational, and organizational measures to protect sensitive information and comply with privacy regulations. SideChannel implements robust privacy measures, so organizations can safeguard data, build user trust, and reduce the risk of privacy breaches and cybersecurity incidents.

Why Privacy is Important

Hefty fines assessed for data breaches since 2019 suggest regulators are getting more serious about penalizing organizations that don’t properly protect consumer data.

Fines aside, identity theft, fraudulent purchases, and errant money transfers all negatively impact your business. These activities threaten your business by creating additional administrative burden, demote your status with financial institutions, and damage your credibility.

Privacy measures that properly safeguard data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands are mission-critical to maintaining success in today’s world.

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Enhance Privacy With a Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (vCPO)

SideChannel Complete delivers a robust cybersecurity program with privacy built right in.
An experienced vCPO leads the rest of your SideChannel virtual team to build, execute, and govern. Cybersecurity policies, implemented solutions, and decisions about third-party providers consider the impact to privacy at every juncture.

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Audits and Monitoring

SideChannel helps conduct regular audits and monitoring of systems, applications, and processes to proactively identify and address any privacy vulnerabilities or risks. This includes monitoring for unusual or unauthorized activities and implementing security information and event management (SIEM) systems to detect and respond to potential privacy breaches.

Privacy Policy

SideChannel helps you develop and communicate a comprehensive privacy policy outlining how personal information is collected, used, stored, and shared.

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Third-Party Risk Management

Assess the privacy practices of third-party vendors and partners who have access to your data, and ensure that they meet the same privacy standards and requirements as your organization. This includes signing appropriate data protection agreements and conducting regular audits of your privacy practices.

Training and Awareness

SideChannel helps educate your employees about the importance of privacy in cybersecurity and provides regular training on safe data handling practices, such as avoiding phishing attacks, not sharing passwords, and being cautious about sharing sensitive information.

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Work With a Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (vCPO)

We work with your team, your board, and your stakeholders, we develop the strategic vision, resources, and protocols to maintain an appropriately sized, measured and effective privacy program.

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