Enclave for Enterprise & SMB

In today’s threat landscape, traditional security measures are no match for sophisticated cyber attacks. That’s where Enclave steps in. Purpose-built to secure and segment networks, Enclave combines access control, asset inventory, encryption, and Zero Trust network access to bolster your defenses.

Streamline Your Management

The Enclave Management Console (EMC) offers centralized control for configuring enclaves and managing authentication. Agents installed on various IT nodes, including rugged small form factor (RSFF) systems for OT/ICS/SCADA environments, facilitate seamless management. Beacons play a crucial role by providing resolution between nodes in the overlay network, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Use Cases

Use Case 1

Replace costly VPN solutions for remote users and provide direct access to internal server and system resources. Explicitly manage 3rd party vendor access without overhead of adding to Active Directory or IAM providers.

Use Case 2

Reduce perimeter firewall rules and management.

Use Case 3

Restrict database server access to authorized web servers and middleware on specified ports, blocking file-sharing ports to prevent ransomware and lateral movement. Limit maintenance access to designated DB and Server Admins only. Keep all traffic within datacenters or local networks, avoiding external proxies or gateways.

Use Case 4

Control all access via Enclave Management Console. Sync users from any identity provider or add users natively to Enclave as needed.

Access to servers by users can be changed on the fly and removed immediately. Encrypted access from server to server can be established to reduce attack surface.

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