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Your business holds a lot of data and intellectual property. That makes it a prime target for cyberthieves.

Keep your data lake a safe harbor. We’ll show you how.

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Embrace innovation without vulnerability

Operating without a cybersecurity program, because nothing’s happened yet is not a formula for success.

Know what Uber, Microsoft and Cisco have in common? Each experienced a data breach that involved an insider. The variety of threats–internal and external–present a complex threat landscape. If it can happen to these market leaders, it can happen to you.

What would a breach do for your intellectual property? Effort to recruit talent? User trust?

Let’s not find out. Partner with us to keep your company safe and solvent.

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Your brand depends on customer trust. Trust depends on good security. At SideChannel, we deliver comprehensive cybersecurity processes that address your organization’s unique goals as a leading technology company. Find out how we can help your organization’s security scale with your organization’s mission.

Our cybersecurity services enable you to lean into innovation without increasing Cyber Risk, empowering your organization to:

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