Cybersecurity and Compliance for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have access to highly sensitive patient data, and stringent compliance requirements including HIPAA. Cybersecurity for healthcare is not just important for compliance, it’s a business imperative. There are complex reporting requirements for changing regulations, and increasingly sophisticated attacks on medical systems. SideChannel offers proven expertise in guiding healthcare organizations to be proactive and compliant.

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As patients increasingly rely on digital services, healthcare organizations including insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other health providers are struggling to keep up with more sophisticated cybersecurity challenges. Using technology to enhance services while safeguarding your business and maintaining compliance is a nuanced juggling act that is easier said than done. Our cybersecurity experts have firsthand experience working alongside forward-thinking healthcare organizations. We understand that as patient data grows, so do cyber threats. We leverage this deep expertise to deliver effective cybersecurity services that solve real-world healthcare challenges, on-time and on-budget.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Experts

SideChannel’s healthcare security team once sat on the other side of the table, many as CISOs at leading healthcare organizations. We understand HIPAA and other compliance standards firsthand because we’ve had to lead organizations to meet them as CISOs.

So whether your organization needs cybersecurity training or guidance from an expert vCISOs to lead your organization’s security efforts, we are the solution. Our highly tailored cybersecurity services create real benefits for our healthcare clients, so your organization can:

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