Risk Assessments

Cyber risk is business risk. But assessing and communicating risk in business terms is easier said than done. So it’s time for a new approach. At SideChannel, we help your organization identify the gaps in your team’s security posture and align security strategy with financial impact. Then, using a proprietary process, we’ll work to strengthen your organization’s defense, instill confidence in stakeholders and protect your organization’s bottom line.

Cyber risk is getting more and more attention across organizations. But it’s still a struggle to communicate the impact of cyber risk in terms that make it a priority to business leaders. We provide a new risk assessment that tells the whole story, highlighting how cyber risk affects your organization’s reputation and bottom line. Leveraging decades of experience, our cybersecurity experts will help your team build a resilient cyber program that empowers your organization to assess risk, communicate risk and manage risk — so your organization can defend investments and achieve business objectives.

How Your Organization Benefits

Our Approach

Our comprehensive methodology includes three steps to ensure we understand your organization’s unique challenges and address vulnerabilities appropriately:

We understand your organization’s profile

Assessing threats, assets, strengths, weaknesses, partners, regulatory obligations and investments through our own research of proprietary data sources and talking to your team.

We measure your organization’s controls

Testing relative operational and program effectiveness through scenario analysis and walkthroughs — building a full understanding where your organization is and where you need to get.

We provide an actionable plan

Built to bring your organization to your target profile and help make a real difference. The plan may include:

  • Program, policy, procedure documentation.
  • Strategy development.
  • Procurement and vendor negotiation.
  • Identification, implementation, and management of tools and managed services providers.

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