SideChannel Leadership

Our leadership team holds an unparalleled level of cybersecurity insight. As a group of CISOs with decades of combined experience in the private and public sectors, we’ve helped solve critical problems for organizations from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies. Meet the minds behind SideChannel.

SideChannel Brian Haugli Headshot
Brian Haugli

Managing Partner

SideChannel Nick Hnatiw Headshot
Nick Hnatiw

Partner & CTO

SideChannel Akash Desai Headshot
Akash Desai

Partner & Head of Channel

SideChannel David Chasteen Headshot
David Chasteen


SideChannel Joe Klein Headshot
Joe Klein


SideChannel Miguel San Mateo Headshot
Miguel San Mateo


SideChannel Bill Roberts Headshot
Bill Roberts

Principal Consultant

SideChannel Sean Lowder Headshot
Sean Lowder

Principal Consultant

Gregory Crabb

Principal Consultant

SideChannel Mike Waters Headshot
Mike Waters

Principal Consultant

Scott Daitzman

Principal Consultant

Chris Covell

Principal Consultant

SideChannel Matt Farry Headshot
Matt Farry

Director, Risk Management

Kim Haugli

Financial Operations Director

Dele Owoye

Project Management

Shannon Lo Ricoo

Project Management

Ana Wessolossky

Operations Director

Praseeda Danda

Marketing Manager

SideChannel Justin Armstrong Headshot
Justin Armstrong


SideChannel Malcolm Harkins Headshot
Malcolm Harkins


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There’s no shortage of reasons to join our mission. If you’re an experienced CISO who’s enthusiastic about helping organizations improve their cybersecurity, we want to hear from you. Learn more about life at SideChannel.