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Identify, secure & segment your entire network.

A cybersecurity and IT platform made to ease managing on-premise, cloud and hybrid network infrastructure.

You can’t protect what you can’t see. And breaches can begin anywhere.  Secure with Enclave and Zero Trust.

Detect hidden assets, visualize your network and control communication flow so you can microsegment on demand.

Stop Breaches. Contain Ransomware.

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Enclave Integrations

We integrate with the best and most powerful programs on the market

See our latest Jira Vulnerability Sync Plugin to automatically sync vulnerabilities from Enclave to Jira Service Management.

Experience the ease and speed of Enclave, a cutting-edge software-driven microsegmentation tool tailored for seamless Zero Trust integration. Guard against unauthorized lateral movement using pinpoint segmentation, gain clear visuals of your IT activities, and receive immediate network security alerts. Optimized for data centers, multi-cloud landscapes, and endpoints, Enclave deploys quicker than traditional methods, offering unmatched network visibility and control.

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The perimeter-based security approach is outdated.

And, until now, securing the attack surface beyond the office walls was oppressively burdensome. Many attempts have been made; but only the most well-resourced organizations saw it through.

Enclave Reviews & Product Details on G2

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Simplified approach to security identity, applications and networks.

Enclave seamlessly combines access control, microsegmentation, encryption and other secure networking concepts to create a comprehensive solution.

It allows IT to easily segment the enterprise network, place the right staff
in those segments and direct traffic.

See how Enclave simplifies microsegmentation

How it Works

Enclave Stops Lateral Movement…Secures your network wherever devices may be.

Enclave Key Benefits for Zero Trust

Minimal effort required

Minimal effort required – no additional lift from you or your team. Other segmentation solutions, leave you with an open box and a knowledge base article,  post purchase.

We can fully manage a deployment, so you have to do very little. Our team walks you through onboarding—installing an agent–and then we take it from there. We stand it up, we handle updates and changes you request. It’s as simple as sending an email.

Detect what’s on your network

The perimeter-based security approach is outdated. Your network is now anywhere information is stored—including the cloud and whatever unauthorized tool leadership’s skunkworks team just bought.

Enclave illuminates network assets wherever they exist, and creates an inventory you can use to match assets with identity and detect threat vectors.

Reduce the impact of a breach

Breach is inevitable. But with Enclave you’re always two steps ahead of the bad guys. It limits an intruders reach, by dividing your network into distinct and separate planes; like a company’s office building with inner-office security doors, or the bulkheads of a ship.

Minimize risk

Vulnerabilities and ever-evolving threats lurk around every corner of the internet. If that’s not enough, there’s also compliance to worry about.

Take control of this never-ending game of whack a mole. Enclave will find vulnerabilities on your network, point you to their exact location and tag them by severity. Did we mention that implementation satisfies 35 CIS Controls and Safeguards; spanning encryption, role-based access control and multi-factor authentication. Our team stays on top of the latest and greatest controls and frameworks so you can focus on your core work.

Enclave Goes Beyond Hub & Spoke or Mesh

Unlike open, traditional models, Enclave allows for near-limitless micro-segmented networks to operate insulated from one another. The key to a Zero Trust environment.

Microsegmentation Use Cases

Enclave Enables

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Real-time Visibility of Network Flows

Visualize application dependencies without the need for any knowledge of the underlying architecture.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Enclave stores flow records with workload context, enabling network and security teams to use this data for compliance reports.

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Stronger Security

Easily deployable end-to-end encryption protects data in transit.

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Scalable Solution

As your environment scales, Enclave will adapt automatically – on premises or in the public cloud.

Leading Frameworks, Made Accessible

Built with Nebula

Enclave is built on the open-source microsegmentation framework that powers enterprises like Slack, but makes it accessible and easy for any team.

Real Segmentation. Real Results.

  • Improved cybersecurity scores from 60-80% within hours of roll out*
  • Simplified compliance requirements (NIST, CMMC, ISO 27001, HIPAA, & PCI-DSS 4.0)
  • Prepared for post-quantum computing
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Continuously optimize, update and refine policies

Enclave secures your network

for today and tomorrow’s threats.

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* Compared to average client’s RealCISO score at the beginning of a SideChannel vCISO engagement

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