Cybersecurity for Life Sciences

Securing intellectual property, avoiding supply chain disruptions caused by a breach and staying on top of changing regulations are just a few ways we’ve helped clients in the life sciences field.

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A new era in life science needs the latest in cybersecurity.

Improving patient outcomes today requires much more than research and development, which is already a ton. Improving the lives of others now requires:

  • Staying on top of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape–hello new FDA information sharing requirements
  • Managing threats from inside your facility and out; and
  • Ensuring your instrument of change–be it device, wearable, implant or implant–facilitates a positive outcome before and after approval for sale

Sound challenging? It is. And here’s why:

Compliance is continual. If you thought compliance was a race with a finish line; we’ve got news.

Attackers are more and more sophisticated. Life science organizations are increasingly valuable targets. Cybersecurity software company, Sophos reported a 69 percent increase in attack volume in 2022 from the previous year; the highest increase across all sectors. And a 67 percent increase in the sophistication of attacks.

New FDA laws require medical device manufacturers to prove you have a plan to deal with cybersecurity vulnerabilities that surface after your product is released. You have a plan for your instrument, of course. What about the vulnerabilities lurking in the connectivity, or interoperability functions? How about the threats hiding in your supply chain?

We have extensive experience helping pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences organizations embrace a complete cybersecurity strategy.

From delivering an initial risk assessment to providing your team with an expert vCISO, we can help your organization develop efficiencies and enhance capabilities while protecting critical data.

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We help life sciences companies build cybersecurity programs so they can innovate without sacrificing security.

Our team makes developing a holistic cybersecurity strategy for life sciences organizations easier than ever. We deliver robust cybersecurity services that protect life sciences organizations across devices and environments, improving productivity, protecting data, and freeing up team members to focus on the research that matters.

Our cybersecurity services help life sciences organizations leverage the power of the cloud and digital technology securely, empowering your team to:

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