Cybersecurity and privacy solutions that meet your industry’s unique needs

With decades of experience serving the private and public sectors, we deliver holistic cybersecurity services that help teams protect their data and assure their peace of mind.

Industries that trust us with their security programs.

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Empowering financial institutions to protect sensitive information, ensure compliance, and enhance digital experiences.

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Enhance your security posture while meeting SEC regulation.

A doctor working in a hospital.

Helping organizations defend sensitive data while leveraging leading-edge technology.

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Enabling researchers to leverage innovative digital technologies without sacrificing security.

A startup company

Creating cybersecurity programs that align with today’s business priorities.

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Enduring technology companies stay competitive without increasing cybersecurity risks.

A server system

Working with our important infrastructure systems to protect critical data and ensure public safety.


Making sure that research institutions can securely host critical information while enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

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Delivering cybersecurity services that protect law firms from sophisticated attacks.

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Supporting the DoD contractor system and Defense Industrial Base with proven cybersecurity services that protect assets and privacy.

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Creating real benefits for our crypto clients with multi-faceted cybersecurity services.

A woman working at a cannabis dispensary.

Lessening the cybersecurity burden for cannabis companies while ensuring its benefits.

SideChannel The Way You Want It

SideChannel Complete can be fit and scaled to meet your specific needs. Contact us today.

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