Enclave Managed Service Provider Program

As the market grows, so do risks, especially for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) vulnerable to cyberattacks. MSPs need a cost-effective solution to handle more clients with ease. Your digital infrastructure isn’t just vital for operations — it’s a gateway to clients. A breach can quickly spread malware or hackers through client systems, making it crucial to shield customers and prevent outages. Your role in enhancing defense mechanisms and choosing effective security measures is essential. The Enclave Managed Service Provider Program provides an efficient path to boost your cybersecurity offerings.

Empowering MSPs with Advanced Segmentation

Enclave’s innovative segmentation technology, tailored for Zero Trust security, enables MSPs to effectively isolate breaches, preventing their spread and containing attackers or malware at the point of entry. The program emphasizes efficient management and quick returns on investment, with MSP-centric features and customer-centric service offerings.


Enclave introduces segmentation-as-a-service, promising rapid deployment and instant revenue opportunities. This approach focuses on limiting the impact of attacks on a single device through Zero Trust Segmentation, cutting off paths among devices and systems, and identifying risks by pinpointing vulnerable systems and their interconnections.

Orchestrating Zero Trust Network Access

Enclave stands out in combatting modern threats by orchestrating Zero Trust Network Access across endpoints, data centers, and clouds. Automated creation of Zero Trust policies blocks unnecessary communications between devices, effectively thwarting the spread of ransomware and cyberattacks.

Addressing the Ransomware Threat

Enclave’s approach is particularly vital in the context of ransomware, a significant threat to SMBs. MSPs partnering with Enclave can shield customers from ransomware and other attacks, experience rapid deployment, and access a self-service multi-tenant portal for streamlined operations.

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