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Reduce Risk. Enhance Productivity. Make Zero Trust a Reality.

A secure network starts with segmentation. Enclave saves you time & money by enabling IT to do something every admin should do — but avoids because it’s unbelievably complex — segment the network.

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The perimeter-based security approach is outdated.

Today, the network attack surface extends far beyond the office walls, into the cloud, across multi-cloud environments, into employees’ homes, their devices, and beyond.

Enclave Mitigates Data Exposure Risk

Watch this video to learn how Enclave protects your data with microsegmentation.

Simplified Approach to Security Identity, Applications and Networks

Enclave seamlessly combines access control, microsegmentation, encryption and other secure networking concepts to create a comprehensive solution.

It allows IT to easily segment the enterprise network, place the right staff in those segments and direct traffic.

See how Enclave simplifies microsegmentation

Enclave Benefits

Faster Breach Containment

Organizations with a zero-trust approach saw an average breach cost $1.76 million less than organizations without.¹

Enclave shrinks the attack surface; which means there’s less surface area to search.

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Simplify Compliance

Forty-three percent of breaches start with an insider; either intentional or unintentional.²

Enclave reduces the time to containment by reducing the surface area visible to an intruder. This also limits the scope of a post-event search to uncover situational facts.

Kill VPN

When remote work is a factor in causing a data breach, the average cost per breach is $1.07 million higher.

Add that to productivity lost waiting for network slow-downs caused by VPN tunnels, and the costs go up even more.

Beyond Hub & Spoke or Mesh

Unlike open, traditional models, Enclave allows for near-limitless micro-segmented networks to operate insulated from one another.
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Simplify Security Operations

Simple, fast, no training required. Deploy in minutes and configure in seconds.

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Gain confidence that only authorized systems, people and data are interacting at any time.

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Remain Ready
to Scale

Deploy and scale across virtual machines, Kubernetes containers, on premises, or in the cloud.

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Microsegmentation Use Cases

Enclave Enables

Real-time Visibility of Network Flows

Visualize application dependencies without the need for any knowledge of the underlying architecture.

Monitoring & Reporting

Enclave stores flow records with workload context, enabling network and security teams to use this data for compliance reports.

Stronger Security

Easily deployable end-to-end encryption protects data in transit.

Scalable Solution

As your environment scales, Enclave will adapt automatically – on premises or in the public cloud.

Leading Frameworks, Made Accessible

Built with Nebula

Enclave is built on the open-source microsegmentation framework that powers enterprises like Slack, but makes it accessible and easy for any team.
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Real Segmentation.
Real Results

Improved cybersecurity scores from 60-80% within hours of roll out*
Simplified compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI-DSS 4.0 & GDPR)
Prepared for post-quantum computing
Continuously optimize, update and refine policies

* Compared to average client’s RealCISO score at the beginning of a SideChannel vCISO engagement

Enclave secures your network for today and tomorrow’s threats.

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