Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (vCPO) Services

Finding quality privacy leadership is a challenge. Finding it within a budget is even tougher. Our Virtual Privacy Officer (vCPO) services match your organization profile with an expert SideChannel Virtual CPO. The highest quality privacy expertise is available for significantly less than the cost of a full-time hire.

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What is a vCPO?

A new era of business requires a new approach to privacy. We believe that everyone should have access to quality privacy leadership, regardless of budget. SideChannel vCPO services bring CPO-level expertise to companies of all sizes and maturity levels. Our team is built of the industry’s best and brightest — all having held Privacy or Legal roles in large organizations, building effective privacy programs, managing risk and delivering results in line with best practices.

While we work with your organization virtually, the impact your company
experiences is real.

How it Works

With years of experience as actual Legal professionals, we have the expertise to address your organization’s needs with absolute confidence. Working with your team, your board and your stakeholders, we develop the strategic vision, resources, and protocols to maintain an appropriately sized, measured and effective privacy program. You bring us on, we take care of the rest.

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Step 1

We match your organization with the perfect SideChannel vCPO according to needs and objectives.

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Step 2

Your organization works with the vCPO assigned to assess privacy risk, measure program effectiveness and identify current gaps.

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Step 3

Working with your team, your vCPO develops an actionable, holistic strategy to enhance your organization’s privacy posture from every angle and to meet state or federal requirements.

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Step 4

Your vCPO acts as an extension of your team, providing ongoing support and recommendations.

What We Offer

Our proprietary, practical approach delivers realistic and attainable privacy objectives that make a tangible difference. We focus on recruiting and developing high impact teams, drawing on technology already in your organization before pursuing a vendor solution, and creating end-to-end processes that empower your company to protect your people, assets and data.

Service Features

  • Provides strategic services, which will be aligned to your Cybersecurity Program, on the design, development, implementation, and oversight of:
    1. Privacy and data protection policies and procedures to comply with applicable State, Federal, and International regulatory and legal requirements. 
    2. Data Mapping & Gap Assessments.
    3. Privacy disclosures and controls.
    4. Privacy by design, product development, and data privacy and protection impact assessments.
    5. Management of vendor (supply chain) relationships (e.g., contracts, policies, vetting, technology purchasing, on boarding, training, etc.). 
    6. Cybersecurity and privacy employee training programs.
    7. Coordination of outside legal counsel.
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Ready to meet your organization’s new CPO and improve your organization’s privacy program? Contact us to discuss objectives and start the matching process.