Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: How To Know What Needs To Be Protected.

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Risk management is essential to the security of any organization’s resources, especially its digital assets. In order to know what needs to be protected and how, it is imperative that organizations run risk assessments with the guidance of a cybersecurity expert

Understanding Emerging Risks and Cyber Threat Information

Risk assessment should be led by an organization or company’s overall risk management processes or any previous risk assessment activities. SideChannel Risk Assessment service approach begins with studying an organization’s profile thoroughly, using our own research as well as conversations with their team. 

Afterward, we utilize scenario analysis and walkthroughs to test relative operational and program effectiveness. This allows us to take a snapshot of where the organization’s security currently is. 

From the risk assessment results, the SideChannel vCISOs analyze the operational environment so that they can ascertain the probability of a cybersecurity incident and the impact that this could have on the organization. 

Then, the vCISO further identify emerging risks and use cyber threat information derived from both external and internal sources to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the likelihood and impact of cybersecurity incidents. 

The Benefits of Running Risk Assessments

Cyber threats and cybersecurity events are commonplace, especially in a pandemic that has necessitated remote work and increased inroads for cyber attacks. A risk assessment can help you identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited, which will result in loss. 

With SideChannel Risk Assessment service, an organization can gain expert insight and data reports on the operational environment, helping understand the situation from top to bottom. The goal is pointing out gaps that may have been overlooking by bringing a wider perspective of the system as a third party.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, SideChannel cybersecurity experts can develop an actionable, strategic security plan tailored to any organization needs. This plan can include program, policy, procedure documentation, strategy development, test capabilities through tabletop exercises, procurement and vendor negotiation, or more, determined by our analysis of the situation. We are commited to provide the insights and tools to address the most critical risks immediately, to ensure any organization can be secure both now and in the future.