Discover Cost Savings with Enclave’s Asset Inventory

Man pointing at words "Asset Management"

In the era of digital transformation, businesses of all sizes find themselves grappling with the exponential growth of digital assets. From servers to software licenses, the vast ecosystem of resources keeps growing, and with it, the associated costs. But what happens when some of these resources go unnoticed or, worse, underutilized?

The Hidden Costs of Underutilized Resources

1. Financial Strains: Every resource, be it a software license, a cloud server, or a storage solution, comes with its own price tag. Businesses incur significant charges for these resources, even if they are not actively being utilized. This equates to pouring money down the drain, which can be particularly burdensome for smaller businesses operating on tighter margins.

2. Inefficient Operations: Underutilized resources aren’t just a financial drain. They represent missed opportunities. A server that is sitting idle could be reallocated to support a business-critical application, or redundant software licenses could be repurposed to other departments in need.

3. Security Concerns: Forgotten or unnoticed assets are ripe targets for malicious actors. Without proper oversight and management, these assets can become weak points in an organization’s security framework, leading to potential breaches.

The Root of the Problem

The root issue here isn’t negligence but rather a lack of visibility. As organizations grow and evolve, assets can be inherited, or in some cases, created outside the purview of IT or security reviews. Without a unified system to track these assets, they often become ‘ghosts’ in the system, lurking in the background and incurring costs.

Enclave’s Solution: The Power of Asset Inventory

Enter Enclave’s Asset Inventory module. Designed with modern businesses in mind, this module seeks to bring visibility back to IT departments, helping them track and manage their resources efficiently. Here’s how:

1. Discover What’s Hidden: Using known assets as a starting point, Enclave’s Asset Inventory dives deep to find those that might have slipped through the cracks. By mapping out the entire digital ecosystem, the module provides a holistic view of all assets, ensuring that none are left unnoticed.

2. Optimize Licensing: One of the most common forms of resource wastage comes in the form of unused software licenses. With asset management, businesses can quickly identify which licenses are being used and which are sitting idle, allowing for real-time adjustments.

3. Enhance Security: With a comprehensive view of all assets, IT departments can ensure that each resource, whether in use or not, is secured according to the company’s protocols. This not only reduces vulnerabilities but also helps in maintaining a robust security posture.

4. Streamlined IT Operations: The ability to see and manage all assets from a central console streamlines IT operations. Teams can allocate resources more efficiently, ensure software is up-to-date, and respond more rapidly to business needs.

5. Significant Cost Savings: The primary benefit, of course, is the substantial cost savings. By identifying and eliminating underutilized resources, businesses can ensure that every dollar spent is truly adding value to the organization.


In the complex world of IT, having a clear view of your assets is more than just good housekeeping; it’s a business imperative. Enclave’s Asset Inventory module is an invaluable tool in this regard, providing businesses with the clarity they need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively.

No longer do businesses need to bleed money on unnoticed assets or grapple with the inefficiencies of underutilized resources. With Enclave by their side, they can stride confidently into the future, knowing that every resource, every license, and every server is accounted for and optimized for business success.