We’re Partnering with Threat Management Provider Darkbeam to Deliver Intelligence-Led Cyber Risk Management Programs

Darkbeam x SideChannel blog post graphic

Today, we’re sharing that we’re partnering with Darkbeam to bring SideChannel clients a more comprehensive toolset in their quest to build the ultimate cybersecurity program for their business.

The partnership benefits a few different types of clients in the following ways:

  1. Trusted advisors—like legal counsel and insurance brokers—can better inform their clients about managing anticipated cyber risk, while navigating the merger & acquisition process.
  2. Businesses with supply chain risks can build intelligence-led cyber risk management programs covering their own operations and those of their entire supply chain.
  3. Insurance underwriters can better understand the risks the applicants present and share that information with them to guide corrective action.

There are many more use cases for incorporating a threat intelligence tool into your cybersecurity program. Darkbeam solutions supercharge clients ability to analyze their supply chain for risks and manage them in a manner that aligns with the stated priorities of their cybersecurity program. Given our bespoke approach to building the cybersecurity program of your dreams, we’d relish the opportunity to determine whether Darkbeam is a good fit for you.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center supply chain attacks impacted 10 million people in 2022. A recent example from the headlines; Applied Materials, the semiconductor manufacturer breached through its relationship with one of its instrument vendors. All told, the breach cost Applied Materials $250 million dollars and more in disrupted operations and delivery, according to CPO Magazine.

We are thrilled to offer SideChannel clients even more threat intelligence capabilities; and look forward to servicing Darkbeam clients with the skills, abilities, and tools of our team. We work hand in hand with clients to build effective cybersecurity programs with the support pillars needed across their business, like identity management, access control and network security just to name a few.

Read more details about the partnership in the press release on Accesswire.

Contact us to discover how threat intelligence can boost your current cyber risk management activities or shield a gap in your risk management plan.