What's New in Enclave: A Shift Towards Network Infrastructure Management 

Enclave is a robust microsegmentation tool designed to keep network systems secure. Today, we’re announcing a new update that adds brand new functionality–and transforms Enclave to more than just a microsegmentation tool–taking a significant step towards becoming a comprehensive infrastructure management platform. Here’s a closer look at what’s new in Enclave. 

1. Asset Inventory 

An essential requirement of a secured network is having a detailed understanding of all assets, including devices, applications, and services. Enclave’s new asset inventory feature provides an organized and centralized view of all network assets. 

With this functionality, administrators can: 

  • Asset Discovery: Find unknown assets on the network  
  • Track and Manage Assets: Monitor all the devices and applications within the network, categorizing and sorting them according to your policies and privilege levels. 
  • Compliance and Reporting: Maintain compliance by having a detailed inventory that can be leveraged for audits and reporting. 
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain insights into unused or underused assets, helping in optimization and potential cost savings. 

2. Vulnerability Detection and Tagging 

Security has always been at the heart of Enclave, and with the new vulnerability detection and tagging feature, it has just gotten stronger. This new functionality enables: 

  • Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning: Continuous network scanning identifies and tags potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Prioritization and Management: Categorize vulnerabilities based on severity and potential impact, allowing for targeted remediation. 
  • Integration with Other Tools: Seamlessly integrate with existing security solutions to create a multi-layered defense system. 

3. Auto-Generate Relationship Maps

Understanding what is connected within a network is crucial for security and efficiency. Enclave’s new auto-generated relationship map feature brings a visual representation to complex communication paths. It facilitates: 

  • Visual Mapping: Generate real-time visual maps of how information is flowing within the network, identifying bottlenecks or insecure paths. 
  • Collaboration and Planning: Easily share diagrams with different teams, aiding in coordinated planning and response. 


This latest update transforms Enclave from a mere microsegmentation tool to a more versatile network infrastructure management platform. These new features bring together various aspects of network management and cybersecurity under one single tab; offering a streamlined and unified approach to security, compliance, and optimization. Enclave makes establishing a zero trust network easier.

With asset inventory, vulnerability detection and tagging, and the auto-gen data flow diagram, Enclave has positioned itself at the forefront of network management tools. Existing users will find these features add value and depth to their network management, while new users will discover in Enclave a comprehensive tool that addresses today’s complex networking challenges. 

For a peek at the Enclave console or to explore further or seeking hands-on experience with these new functionalities, reach out to Enclave’s sales team or browse the documentation for more details.  

It’s a promising time for zero trust networking, and Enclave is leading the way.