Introducing Enclave; Microsegmentation Made Simple.

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Today, we’re introducing a modern network segmentation tool that combines–access control, encryption and zero trust network access– to create a breakthrough microsegmentation solution that prioritizes both IT and security’s highest level needs.

Enclave simplifies, what used to be a set of tasks so complex that most people choose to ignore them. We’ve built a product that fixes one of networking’s most common problems. Enclave is purpose-built to simultaneously secure and segment your network. With Enclave you can:


Enclave empowers you to organize people and machines into micro segments on your network in ways that make the most sense for how your organization operates. You can finally relax knowing everything–and everyone–on the network is in its right place.


VPN’s are so web 1.0. Microsegments produce the same effect you’re trying to achieve with multiple VPN tunnels; except faster and more securely. Enclave empowers productivity at light speed.


You can finally finish the networking project few people ever complete. Enclave reduces the attack surface exposed to bad actors; and the amount of energy you need to spend maintaining it. Achievement unlocked.


Limit the damage an bad actor can do by decreasing the digital square footage they can explore. Doing this also shrinks the area you have to search in the event of a breach; which means you can deliver answers with certainty; sooner rather than later.


Enclave takes weeks to stand up; instead of the typical months…and counting. When policy changes or you have new needs, SideChannel staff will reconfigure Enclave and do the work for you. Feel free to redeploy your most talented (read expensive) team members, (and funds) to more pressing problems.


Enclave is hardware independent, which helps you move quickly. Enclave requires you to rip-and-replace exactly ZERO hardware components and its simple user interface allows you to reconfigure entire segments by clicking and dragging a mouse to reflect policy changes, onboarding and offboarding staff; and everything else work throws at you. 

Future Ready, even if you aren’t

Enclave supports AES-256 bit encryption; the strongest encryption standard currently available. Bad actors will need a billion years to crack traffic encrypted in Enclave. 

One Billion Years **laughs like Dr. Evil**

How Does it Work?

With Enclave, the micro-segments you create connect colleagues who need to work with each other; and people to the machines they need to do their best work. But not everyone on your network needs access to everything. 

Enclave embraces this fundamental pillar of cybersecurity; and reduces the tactical load of deploying elaborate architecture; and maintaining it.

Micro segments are a cybersecurity best practice, and for good reason. 

Micro-segments function like fire doors in a building. Fire doors keep fire from immediately spreading to designated escape areas by shutting; buying people more time to get to safety. 

Micro segments are similar. They block threats who’ve found a way into the network from accessing everything on it; because not everything on the network is accessible through the door they’ve used. 

Organizing the network with a collection of microsegments reduces the square footage bad actors can muck around in. 

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