A Comprehensive Comparison of vCISO Platforms

The RealCISO vCISO Platform dashboard

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Businesses require robust, versatile, and scalable solutions to protect their digital assets. Two notable contenders in this space are RealCISO and Cynomi, each offering distinct features and benefits. However, upon closer inspection, RealCISO emerges as the more comprehensive and strategically advantageous choice for service providers, like MSPs, MSSPs, & vCISOs, looking to enhance their clients’ cybersecurity posture. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two platforms.

vCISO Platform Client Scaling and User Management

RealCISO shines with its “pay-as-you-grow” licensing model, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale. This model not only supports unlimited clients but also accommodates multi-tier relationships (grandparent-parent-child), which is crucial for organizations with complex customer structures. In contrast, Cynomi, while offering multi-tenant capabilities, lacks the multi-tier functionality and does not clearly define its stance on unlimited user support, marked ambiguously in the comparison.

Assessment Capabilities

Both platforms offer a range of assessments, but RealCISO stands out with its unique offerings and partnerships. It is the only platform that allows users to start an assessment from another with a single click—a significant efficiency booster. RealCISO’s expertise is underscored by its construction in collaboration with leading experts and organizations such as the Department of Defense’s National Center of Cybersecurity for Manufacturing and the British Standards Institution (BSI). These partnerships enhance the credibility and reliability of assessments, particularly in areas like NIST CSF, ISO 27001:2022, and CMMC L1/L2.

Moreover, RealCISO is the sole platform integrated with the CIS Ransomware Readiness Assessment and maintains a partnership with a top 30 CPA firm under AICPA for SOC 2 assessments, further highlighting its robustness in compliance and risk management solutions.

vCISO Platform Marketplace Integration

RealCISO excels with its exclusive marketplace capabilities, enabling organizations to add tailored solutions to their assessments. This functionality not only enhances the adaptability of the platform to specific needs but also fosters a collaborative ecosystem where service providers can showcase their solutions. This is a clear advantage over Cynomi, which does not currently offer marketplace capabilities, vendor additions, or “what-if” solutions on assessments.

Insurance and Compliance

In the domain of cyber insurance, RealCISO again takes the lead by aligning its platform with the requirements of underwriters and insurance carriers. This alignment ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate RealCISO’s assessments into their insurance application processes, a feature not mirrored by Cynomi.

vCISO Platform Licensing Flexibility

RealCISO’s licensing options are tailored to meet the diverse needs of service providers. From one-time assessments to ongoing management and enterprise licenses, RealCISO offers flexibility with a “pay-as-you-grow” pricing model. This approach allows organizations of all sizes to engage with the platform at a pace that matches their growth and cybersecurity maturity. Cynomi’s approach, by comparison, appears less flexible, particularly in its management and enterprise offerings.

Foundational Strength and Geographic Reach

Founded in 2019 and self-funded, RealCISO has been profitable since its inception, indicating strong financial health and a sustainable business model. Additionally, being based in the U.S. and having a team comprised of former Fortune 500 CISOs and U.S. Department of Defense personnel lends it an edge in understanding and tackling the nuances of global cybersecurity challenges.


Choosing the right vCISO platform is critical for ensuring the security and compliance of any organization. RealCISO, with its comprehensive features, strategic partnerships, and flexible licensing options, stands out as a leader in this space, particularly for businesses seeking a robust, scalable, and integrated approach to cybersecurity. Its forward-thinking features and commitment to user-centric design make it a superior choice over Cynomi, especially for organizations aiming to navigate the complex cyber threats of today’s digital world.