How Fractional CISO Services Outperformed a Full-Time CISO

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Key Takeaway

SideChannel’s fractional/interim CISO services offered a more efficient and effective solution than a full-time CISO, driving key initiatives such as asset management and tool evaluation, and ultimately leading to a long-term strategic partnership.


Finding the right leadership for your security program is crucial. This is where SideChannel’s fractional and interim CISO services come into play. Our recent engagement with a mid-market client highlights the advantages of this flexible approach.

Initially, the client needed a full-time CISO. SideChannel stepped in as an interim CISO, establishing key performance indicators, reporting to the Board, and managing asset security. After hiring a full-time CISO, we shifted to a 20-hour per month advisory role, continuing to drive essential projects like tool evaluation and defect management.

When the full-time CISO went on leave, SideChannel resumed interim responsibilities, ensuring ongoing progress. Our seamless transition and effective collaboration with various teams impressed the client. Ultimately, they decided to continue with SideChannel’s services instead of reinstating the full-time CISO.

This case underscores how SideChannel’s fractional/interim CISO model can provide consistent, high-quality leadership and strategic advantages over traditional full-time roles. For organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture, SideChannel offers a proven, efficient solution.