Perimeter 81 Competitors & Alternatives

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Organizations are continuously seeking robust solutions to protect their digital assets and ensure secure network access. Perimeter 81 has emerged as a leading player in the realm of network security, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to safeguard businesses from cyber threats. However, as the demand for advanced security measures grows, several competitors and alternatives to Perimeter 81 have surfaced, each presenting unique features and capabilities aimed at enhancing organizational security posture.

Understanding the Landscape

The cybersecurity domain is characterized by its dynamic nature, with new threats and challenges emerging on a regular basis. In this context, network security solutions like Perimeter 81 play a crucial role in providing businesses with the necessary defenses against cyberattacks. Yet, the diversity of organizational needs and specific security requirements means that exploring alternatives can offer tailored solutions that better align with individual business strategies.

Key Considerations

When evaluating Perimeter 81 competitors and alternatives, several key factors come into play. These include the comprehensiveness of security features, ease of deployment and management, scalability, integration capabilities with existing systems, and cost-effectiveness. Understanding these aspects is essential for businesses to make informed decisions that align with their security objectives and operational needs.

Moreover, the ability of a network security solution to adapt to the evolving cybersecurity landscape and offer proactive protection against emerging threats is of paramount importance. This adaptability ensures that businesses can maintain a robust security posture over time, safeguarding their digital assets against both current and future threats.

Comparative Analysis

A thorough comparative analysis of Perimeter 81 competitors and alternatives requires a deep dive into the specific features and benefits of each solution. This analysis should consider the unique selling points of competitors, how they differentiate themselves from Perimeter 81, and the specific security challenges they are best equipped to address. Such an analysis enables businesses to weigh their options and select a network security solution that best meets their unique requirements.

Leading Competitors and Alternatives

The market for network security solutions is crowded with numerous players, each offering a range of features designed to protect businesses from cyber threats. Below, we explore some of the leading competitors and alternatives to Perimeter 81, highlighting their key features and how they compare to Perimeter 81’s offerings.


SideChannel’s Enclave is the strongest Perimeter 81 competitor in the micro-segmentation space. The Enclave Management Console & Platform provides granular visibility and control over data center and cloud environments, similar to Perimeter 81.

One of Enclave’s strengths is its simplicity. The Enclave platform is designed to be easy to deploy and manage, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. This can make it an attractive option for organizations that want to implement micro-segmentation but are concerned about the complexity often associated with these solutions.

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However, while Enclave offers a robust solution, it may not have the same level of brand recognition as some of its competitors. This could potentially influence the decision-making process for some organizations.


Zscaler stands out as a prominent competitor to Perimeter 81, offering a cloud-based security platform that aims to transform traditional network security with a focus on secure access to the internet and internal applications. Zscaler’s services are built on a zero-trust architecture, ensuring that only authenticated and authorized users can access network resources, thereby minimizing the risk of cyberattacks.

Key features of Zscaler include its comprehensive security services, such as advanced threat protection, data protection, and access control, all delivered through a scalable cloud platform. This approach allows businesses to secure their digital environments without the need for traditional hardware-based solutions, offering flexibility and ease of management.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is another significant player in the network security space, known for its cloud-managed IT solutions that encompass wireless, switching, security, and surveillance. Cisco Meraki’s security appliances provide unified threat management capabilities, including firewall, VPN, content filtering, and malware protection, all managed through an intuitive web-based dashboard.

The integration of Cisco Meraki’s solutions into existing IT environments is a key advantage, allowing businesses to leverage cloud management to simplify the deployment and administration of their network security infrastructure. Additionally, Cisco Meraki’s focus on scalability makes it a suitable option for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.


NordVPN presents a different approach to network security, focusing on secure remote access for distributed teams. As a business-oriented VPN solution, NordVPN offers robust encryption, threat protection, and access control features, ensuring that remote workers can securely connect to business resources from any location.

One of the standout features of NordVPN is its emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness, making it easy for businesses to implement and manage secure remote access for their employees. Additionally, NordVPN provides dedicated IP addresses and centralized billing, further enhancing its appeal to businesses seeking a straightforward and effective security solution.

Choosing the Right Solution

With a plethora of network security competitors and alternatives available in the market, selecting the right solution for your organization can be a challenging task. To make an informed decision, businesses should consider conducting a detailed assessment of their security requirements, evaluating the features and capabilities of each solution, and aligning them with their specific operational needs.

Furthermore, engaging in proof-of-concept trials and seeking feedback from industry peers can provide valuable insights into the performance and usability of different network security solutions. By taking a strategic and thorough approach to the selection process, businesses can ensure that they invest in a network security solution that not only meets their immediate security needs but also offers scalability and adaptability to address future challenges.


The landscape of network security is constantly evolving, driven by the emergence of new cyber threats and the increasing complexity of digital environments. While Perimeter 81 remains a strong contender in the realm of network security, exploring competitors and alternatives can uncover innovative solutions that may better suit the unique requirements of businesses.

By considering a diverse range of network security providers, such as Enclave, Zscaler, Cisco Meraki, NordVPN Teams, organizations can identify the solution that offers the right balance of security features, scalability, ease of management, and cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, investing in a robust network security solution is essential for safeguarding digital assets and maintaining a resilient security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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