Risk Management as Cybersecurity Strategy.

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For a startup and a small business owner, or for the IT staff of a mid-market company cybersecurity is an issue; SideChannel’s approach is to take it as a strategic way of thinking and a risk assessment is the good starting point.

This approach is a blend of best practices in order to understand what it takes to secure compliance, build a resilient cyber program while enabling productivity and success of the business processes. Our goal is to give confidence that the cybersecurity strategy works because risk management processes are established, managed, and agreed to with organizational stakeholders.

This is the methodology SideChannel’s vCISO have created that makes client’s cybersecurity thrives:

1. Understanding current profile – threats, assets, strengths, weaknesses, partners, regulatory obligations and investments through our own research of proprietary data sources and talking to clients and their teams.

2. Measuring controls and relative operational and program effectiveness, through scenario analysis and walkthroughs – building a full understanding where clients are and where they need to get.

3. Developing a plan to bring clients to their target profile and help in the execution. This may include:

  • Program, policy, procedure documentation.
  • Strategy development.
  • Procurement and vendor negotiation.
  • Identification, implementation and management of tools and managed services providers.
  • Oversight of team and program activities.
  • Test capabilities through.

Ultimately, SideChannel’s vCISOs expertise are directed to reduce cybersecurity risks, advise in balancing security services investment, and build the confidence needed to operate through business aligned security.

Watch the full YouTube video where I explain what exactly a cyber expert should be doing when starting off the risk management strategy process.

~ Brian Haugli, Managing Partner.

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