Cybersecurity Services

At SideChannel, we make it easy to build effective cybersecurity programs. We combine a comprehensive approach with extensive expertise to deliver services designed for your organization’s unique needs and objectives. Explore our services and start working with a SideChannel CISO today.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

We work with your team to develop an actionable strategy, maximize investments and create processes that help your organization maintain an effective and lasting security program.

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Risk Assessments

We assess cyber risk to identify current gaps and align a tailored security strategy to the overall business objectives, instilling confidence in all stakeholders.

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Cybersecurity Compliance

We help your organization ensure compliance by following cybersecurity best practices and creating a cost-effective program that meets today’s rigorous policies and standards.

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Risk Management

Respond to Third-Party Risk Assessment questionnaires (incoming) and conduct Third-Party Risk Assessments of vendors (outgoing).

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Training & Awareness

We serve as an extension of your team, educating employees on the importance of cybersecurity and delivering actionable guidance.

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Team Building & Staffing

We work with your organization to build a highly qualified, vetted cyber team to improve productivity and reduce overall risk.

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