Third-Party Risk Management

Your organization’s cyber risk extends beyond your organization. Anyone you work with — anyone who has access to your organization’s data — has the potential to open your business up to more vulnerabilities. With Third-Party Risk Management Services, we help effectively respond to Third-Party Risk Assessment questionnaires and conduct Third-Party Risk Assessments of your vendors, ensuring that critical data is secure. Vendor lists grow, but your organization’s cyber risk level doesn’t have to.

Vendor Cyber Risk is Company Cyber Risk

As your organization becomes more connected, vulnerabilities increase. We understand that everyone in the supply chain is connected to your organization’s bottom line. Our team merges deep expertise with our innovative software product to help compile the right questions, properly screen vendors and develop remediation plans in the event of a breach. With our support, your organization can confidently develop Third-Party security that is comprehensive, scalable and measurable.

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What We Do

Our Third-Party Risk Management services are proactive, comprehensive and actionable, empowering your team with everything needed to build a secure vendor network.

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Assess vendor profiles.
Create Third-Party Risk questionnaires.
Develop remediation activities.
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Improve visibility into Third-Party vendor relationships.
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Deliver detailed risk reports.
Provide ongoing support.

How Your Organization Benefits

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Protect critical data and your reputation.
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Maintain and enhance trust with customers.
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Scale vendor list with confidence.

Manage Third-Party Risk

Extending an organization’s digital boundaries to vendors shouldn’t be a cyber risk. We can help assess and address Third-Party Risk so your organization can spend more time focusing on what matters most. Contact our team to get started today.