Cyber Training & Awareness

You don’t become a cyber expert overnight. We empower organizations with engaging, highly impactful in-person and online training courses to help security teams reach their full potential. Learn more about how you can take your organization’s cyber skills to the next level.

The SideChannel
Cyber Program

Our flagship training program is designed to help employees develop an enthusiasm for cybersecurity while improving their skills in a measurable way. We’ve created an intuitive, guided, browser-based training program that delivers everything teams need to know about cybersecurity, all in one place. Gain awareness. Put knowledge to the test. Improve your organization’s cybersecurity awareness.

Program Features

  • 50+ Videos.
  • Progress reports.
  • Gamification features.
  • In-person or virtual opportunities.
  • Comprehensive topics list, from phishing to mobile security.
  • Free plan available.
  • Interactive quizzes.
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How Your Team Benefits

Increased engagement in cybersecurity subject matter.
More employee autonomy to take charge of security posture.
Understanding of today’s most relevant cybersecurity issues.
Actionable insights to help employees turn knowledge into action.
Professional credential upon program completion.

CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) Training

Anyone under contractual obligation with the DoD is required to receive initial and annual CUI training, even if they don’t access CUI. But understanding how to work with CUI can be confusing. Our CUI Life Cycle™ training program helps your team members navigate confidently from legacy systems to the requirements established by Executive Order 13556, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), DFARS Clause 52.204-7012 and 32 Code of Federal Regulations Part 2002. Learn more about SideChannel CUI training.

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