Terry Chapman's headshot

Terry Chapman

Principal Consultant

Terry Chapman is an IT and cybersecurity executive with over 35 years of experience building, operating and securing IT systems. During his career with the Wolseley PLC group, Terry has been a developer, managed operations teams, built and managed enterprise architecture teams, and created and managed cybersecurity programs. He has deep technical experience in Information Security Architecture, Networking, and Security Operations. He has extensive experience with security, privacy, and compliance Frameworks, such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and GDPR.

Terry believes that a risk-based approach is required to create security programs that scale and are adaptable to changing conditions. While CISO at Wolseley PLC, he used this approach to build a security program that spanned 20+ companies across the US, Canada, and Europe. At that time Wolseley PLC group revenues were $16 Billion. The individual companies ranged in size from 100 employees to over 30,000.

Terry holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

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