Introducing SideChannel Sync. A Cybersecurity News Letter.

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Why? Nearly everyday we see stories about breaches, threats and opportunities at a pace that is enough to make your head spin.

Some would say, “Well just turn off the news. Problem solved.” Except we know that ignoring it leads to even more anxiety about what we don’t know. So we’re taking one for the team.

Every week we’ll scan the cybersecurity news stories published for the most popular stories and interpret them for you. We’ll deliver our interpretation of the news in the form of a newsletter; and rate the stories on a scale of most pressing (top priority), to not urgent but still important (notable); so that you can focus on the work ahead most relevant to you.

Not every event is a five-alarm fire. The SideChannel Sync helps you tell the difference between a full-on firestorm and those cute tabletop outdoor fire-pits you’ve seen all summer long. It’s our hope that the Sync becomes a valuable resource to you and a steady part of your information diet.


Is there a cybersecurity news story you’d like to see interpreted in the sync? Send us a note and we’ll get it next week’s rotation. Send a Sync story idea.

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