We've Entered An Agreement with Encryption & Segmentation Company Cipherloc

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8.1.22 We are pleased to share our new ticker symbol SDCH. Effective August 2, 2022 you can find SideChannel on the OTC Markets. Get the latest info here.


7.5.22 The acquisition is complete! Furthermore, Cipherloc announced they are changing the company name to SideChannel, Inc. Effective July 1, 2022 Brian Haugli is the CEO of the combined company and David Chasteen, former Cipherloc CEO will remain with SideChannel as Exec Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

We firmly believe, we are stronger than ever together and look forward to all that future holds.


5.18.22 We’re excited to announce SideChannel has entered an agreement to join Cipherloc!

We care a lot about securing the data many mid market companies hold. That’s why we create the best-in-class cybersecurity programs that every company–regardless of size– deserves. 

Now we’re joining the Cipherloc team to accomplish an even bigger vision—one that we think we can better achieve with Cipherloc. Combining SideChannel’s talent with Cipherloc’s technology allows us to simplify cybersecurity even more for our clients; who will benefit from a more comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of our clients who’ve supported us, advised us, shared priceless feedback and helped us build a better firm.

While Cipherloc is acquiring us, we aren’t disappearing. In the coming days, expect to see the brands combine–pending FINRA approval–and new products and services from us. We will continue supporting all current clients and actively searching for new business and partnerships. 

Thanks for being a partner on this ride, thus far. We’re excited to keep traveling this road together. 

Full speed ahead!

Team SideChannel