Cannabis Sector Cybersecurity

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and gain mainstream acceptance, it’s important for businesses in the sector to prioritize cybersecurity. While all industries are at risk of cyber attacks, the cannabis industry is particularly vulnerable due to its complex regulatory landscape and the potential for high profits. With the potential for sensitive customer data, compliance risks, financial losses, and reputational damage, it’s crucial for cannabis companies to prioritize cybersecurity and take steps to protect themselves and their customers.

A Growing Risk
with Cybersecurity

At SideChannel, we have extensive experience helping startups and those with industrial controls, such as cannabis grow operations, distribution, and retail, embrace a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. From delivering an initial Risk Assessment to providing your team with an expert vCISO, we can help your organization develop efficiencies and enhance capabilities while protecting critical data.

What We Do

It’s time for cannabis companies to see cybersecurity as a benefit instead of a burden. Our team makes developing a holistic cybersecurity strategy easy. We deliver robust cybersecurity services that protect cannabis organizations across devices and environments, improving productivity, protecting data, and freeing up team members to focus on the operations and distributions that matter.

How Cannabis
Companies Benefit

Our cybersecurity products and services help the cannabis sector leverage the power of the scalable solutions, empowering your team to:

Maintain state and federal compliance standards.
Proactively protect customer data from cyber attacks.
Add security while not impacting productivity and collaboration.
Reduce security costs by optimizing your current technologies.
Build a defense that prevents breaches.
Receive expert, ongoing advice from a SideChannel vCISO.

Watch an overview, from our CEO Brian Haugli, on cyber risks and areas to develop programs to reduce risk in growing or manufacturing operations, distribution, and retail.

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Ready to grow your organization’s cybersecurity?

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