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Healthcare organizations have access to an ever-expanding amount of patient data and other sensitive information. It’s not enough to respond to cyber threats, healthcare institutions must build a proactive cyber defense. Our team specializes in helping tech-focused healthcare teams build comprehensive cybersecurity strategies that stop threats and maintain patient trust on systems that store their personal health records.

Improve Your Organization’s Security.
Protect Patient Data.

As patients increasingly rely on digital services, healthcare organizations including insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and other health providers are struggling to keep up with more sophisticated cybersecurity challenges. Using technology to enhance services while safeguarding your business and maintaining compliance is a nuanced juggling act that is easier said than done. Our cybersecurity experts have firsthand experience working alongside forward-thinking healthcare organizations. We understand that as patient data grows, so do cyber threats. We leverage this deep expertise to deliver effective cybersecurity services that solve real-world healthcare challenges, on-time and on-budget.

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What We Do

We’ve helped innovative healthcare organizations of all sizes enhance their cyber defense. Our team has an understanding of HIPAA, PCI, and other industry standards, and can ensure that your organization protects critical data without disrupting workflow or patient experience. Whether your organization is looking for cybersecurity training or want one of our expert vCISOs to lead your organization’s security efforts, we are the solution. We’ll focus on security so your team can focus on making a difference.

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How Healthcare
Institutions Benefit

Our highly tailored cybersecurity services create real benefits for our healthcare clients, so your organization can:

Maintain regulatory compliance as federal standards evolve.
Provide reporting to track cybersecurity progress.
Protect sensitive patient data without disrupting the patient experience.
Cut costs through efficient, big picture planning.
Get better visibility into threats to prevent data theft.
Improve team productivity so your staff can focus on what really matters.

Protect data without sacrificing innovation

In today’s healthcare environment, the way your organization delivers services is everything. But you don’t have to sacrifice security to be innovative. Our team works with you to build a resilient cyber defense that protects sensitive information without affecting the patient experience. Contact our team to see how your organization can benefit from smarter security.