Cybersecurity for the Legal Industry

Law firms and other legal institutions have access to valuable data that cybercriminals want. From confidential data to trade secrets, your organization’s network hosts a vast amount of information that could pose severe implications if in the wrong hands. We partner with organizations across the legal field to develop holistic cybersecurity strategies that protect data and prevent threats.

Strengthen Your Organization’s
Cyber Defense

Cyber attacks against law firms are on the rise worldwide. Bad actors have been using tactics such as ransomware to extort small and large organizations alike. As data is increasingly stored on the cloud, cybersecurity is a more urgent priority. It’s time for law firms to realize they are prime targets for cyber attacks and act accordingly to protect their reputation and their client data. At SideChannel, we have firsthand experience working with legal organizations of all sizes. Leveraging our proven approach, our CISOs work with your team to develop a custom, comprehensive cyber strategy to address unique challenges.

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What We Do

We leverage a virtual-first approach to provide cost-effective, accessible cybersecurity services to law firms and other legal organizations. Regardless of your organization’s needs, our team takes the time to understand mission, technology/digital architecture, and current approach, identifying gaps and developing actionable plans that actually get results. From cybersecurity Risk Assessments to helping maintain cybersecurity compliance, we can support your organization every step of the way.

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How the Legal
Sector Benefits

Our cybersecurity services deliver benefits for law firms of all sizes, so your organization can:

Maintain federal compliance as standards change.
Align security objectives with business goals.
Instill confidence in all stakeholders.
Reduce security costs through planning and management.
Develop a robust defense that prevents cyber attacks and protects client data.
Discover educational resources to enhance cybersecurity awareness.

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As we become more connected, our networks become more vulnerable to cyber threats. Contact our team to find out how we can help your organization develop a winning cyber defense.