Cybersecurity for the Technology Industry

Technology companies are increasingly moving to the cloud and finding innovative, digital ways to deliver services and create community. As a result, the technology industry is quickly becoming a prime target for cybercriminals. It’s more important than ever for tech-focused companies to be aware of the potential cyber risks. We can help.

Embrace Innovation
Without Vulnerability

Technology companies are on the leading edge of innovation, leveraging technology to create a better future for all. But with increased innovation comes increased cyber threats. Tech companies are prime targets for a cyber attack due to their intellectual property, massive amounts of sensitive data, and a digital-first approach. Your organization shouldn’t have to sacrifice innovation for security. Our team has extensive experience partnering with tech companies to help them develop cybersecurity strategies that protect critical data while empowering team members to spend more time focusing on what matters.

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What We Do

Your brand can only go as far as your cybersecurity takes you. At SideChannel, we deliver comprehensive cybersecurity processes that address your organization’s unique goals as a leading technology company. Find out how we can help your organization’s security scale with your organization’s mission.

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How Technology
Companies Benefit

Our cybersecurity services enable you to lean into innovation without increasing Cyber Risk, empowering your organization to:

Achieve federal compliance with ever-evolving standards.
Protect IP and sensitive customer data from cyber threats.
Instill confidence in all stakeholders.
Reduce security costs by optimizing current investments.
Build a proactive defense that prevents threats before they happen.
Get access to expert CISOs who act as an extension of your team.

Move Your Organization’s
Mission Forward

Ready to find out how cybersecurity can take your organization’s mission further? Contact our team to discuss objectives and get started.